Wednesday, 30 May 2012

[NEW RELEASE] Rmonik - Friendly Alien

A slightly melodic piece of dubstep, but still a bass heavy masterpiece by the
talented Rmonik, doesn't sound like those aliens are too friendly to me!

Peace out
- 8lu


Bouncy doesn't even cut it for this track, cute little stabs leading to a bouncy yet bass heavy drop
that would make even the likes of Eptic jealous

Download it @


We've finished making the bandcamp page so expect to see some Eps up on that soon!

Check it out @

Peace out
- 8lu

Monday, 28 May 2012

[NEW RELEASE] DayOne - Sovereign

Phenomenal Electro house track from the brilliant Dayone
Expect to hear more of this guy this year

Peace out
- 8lu

[NEW RELEASE] Mazza & Exothug - Atom Blast EP

Dank bass with 8-bit synths makes this a solid contender in the dubstep scene

Mazza and Exothug's Ep "Atom Blast" will be dropping in a few weeks, so look out for that!

[FREE RELEASE] 8lu - Quietly, Hot

Chilled, Liquid Garage track from 8lu, floaty atmospheres and a chilled driving beat make this an excellent summertime tune.

Hi! Welcome to MassiveMode Releases.
We are an EDM label/ Promotion Group made up of Like-minded producers with similar interests and goals, our current roster is 8lu, Mazza and Exothug.
Our first release will be a collaborative free EP by Mazza (Max Whisler) and Exothug (Eric Molitor) Featuring about 4 tracks of top class dubstep/dnb. This'll be dropping in the next few weeks, But if you can't wait that long, then there's the title track on our youtube page.
Aside from the Actual releases, We will be putting out single tracks and previews on out Youtube channel @

Follow This blog and subscribe to our channel for more information!

Lots of Love
-8lu (and Mazza)